Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soul Stone Exchange Event

I can't really say that this event is a success due to loads of messed up thing I did such as, exchanging wrong type of stone (although the level is correct) to others and cancelling and causing it to delay more longer. But nevertheless, I did enjoy the part when especially in White Dragon, two fellas actually turn into a shop to act like a traffic police for me when I was mobbed by everyone. Title of their shop? "Queue Please" and "Keep Quiet" . I didn't notice it as I was busy trading everyone until the queue shortened.

Although I did say that in the beginning everyone can spam me for trade (that's cuz it is what happened in Windsong server and everything went quite well there! ), I didn't expect a MASSIVE SPAM until I can't even click on the accept button. Got kinda mad when Draco actually mass spammed again when I said to stop and I will trade everyone there and hell yeah, Draco did a good job in getting my attention too. LoL but i am still not happy for the spams *sulky face*

It got quite messed up in the middle until even Messiah are shouting in the world chat to tell everyone to stop spamming him. I laughed out hard. Executor are being kinda aggressive in a way to make everyone listen to him. Oh well, it's not easy when you are being mobbed and nobody are listening until some forceful ones open their mouth ^^ Thanks to them!

As usual, some actually didn't read in the website or forum about this event and I was kinda dissapointed in that attitude! I've to keep repeating myself for a few times before I eventually gave up and just point them over to the website. Why so lazy? =p

But hey, fun part of my side, fuZZy created a hell of a chaos when everyone was mobbing me and everyone just split off... for a few seconds only though. Raspberyl gave me the most seizure-riffic part as I've said and admit before... I PHAIL IN CALCULATIONS!!

She did a good job in giving the soul stones one by one and in the end 3 stack of tens... Hers is the longest list I've taken picture of and look at my inventory! It's not a wonder that I took so long to trade with you guy as I'm practically searching carefully for the right stones in my inventory! My eyes got so small after the event... Looking for more pictures? Check it out here!

Contributed by Control from White Dragon Server.

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