Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shoulder Wings!

Do your deeds and thou shall be rewarded!

(This is kinda small so took the picture from behind)

Reward more to the Goddess and she shall bless you with more !

(2nd shoulder wing is slightly bigger and wearing it on a r6 armor for priest, it looks like I've double wings haha!)

You are definitely an Angel to do such a generous charity!

(I like this wing the best!! )

You've been honored as the donor of the time! The Goddess shall shine your way and protect you from The Witch! (for the moment...)

(Wings all spread out does not close down =p )

P/S: I look amazing with those wings, don't I? XD

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Temple of The Ancient !

I'm in! I'm in the Temple of the Ancient finally! and I died suddenly... -.-

(Entrance of the Temple from the inside)

Forgotten to change my level and those mobs are so friggin' high level and...what?! Two stars?! Wow...that's some nice dragons over there... Heeeeyyy, what do we have there? Mini Likirus? Ouch! That hurts!! Where am I heading to...? I'm lost !

(Routes toward the Dungeon Boss)

Is that really, really necessary? So many bodyguard when you are heavily armored? And look! You can even summon someone bigger than you to help and protect you!

(Betrayal with Ancient Keeper behind)

Now that is so not fair and... and... look at what you are holding?!

(Betrayal on the left and Ancient Keeper on the right)

Wait...where's the exit ? I've to kill you both to get out here?! OMG!

(Exit route with Ancient Keeper blocking there and Betrayal on top)

Lemme out of here!! *screams for help*

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sparring With GM Event @ Windsong Server

As the title says... and just watch the videos uploaded by me... I had a good laugh particularly when I actually 'yakified' my opponents !

elyn had a rough time defeating me and after numerous time of trying, I decided to reward elyn after that.

FlyJr...I hate this part the most... PvP-ing with a cleric? Not when they keep healing themselves...It's really annoying me and the part I hate is that when they are nicely healing, I actually ran out of mana...

AnteEuforia never failed to make me laugh by spinning around after she was yakified by me and making me losing my concentration. It was hilarious during this match. [GM] Messiah and [GM]Executor practically had to pin me down and stuff my mouth with something to stop me from laughing hard all over again each time when I watched this video back.

Last but not least, Ulquiorra's match was a little distracting as when the match started, I was actually answering something to someone ( I forgot lol ) but whatever it was, I was defeated in the end as Ulquiorra has the advantage of starting off first.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The pictures are taken... and made to look nicer a little...and voila! This is good !

I love this art without doubt ! All of them looked majestic! Now that the server are live, all of us GMs are busy scouting around for more bugs and testing out the bugs reported by players, (yes Shar, now you understand what I meant by Bug Fest! ) and also helping out on technical side in forum. It's back to more work! I love seeing everyone back in the server again! It felt so alive now! Thanks everyone!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bug Fest!

We've tested out the Navislamia finally and it's incredible! You can actually feel the differences to play it now compared to last time where I'd have to admit...I normally stop playing once I'm in the main town. But guess what we got during our testing...

Yes, empty string for the NPC name, quest description unfinished...omg...

Lancelot...what are you talking...? JP should be used sparingly... wha...?


Overlapping words in party menu...and yes! Getting killed by the cursed High Priest Emmanuel Raymond... it's painful trying to solo him and guess what? For a trainee island boss, he drops Rank 2 items. woohoo! Yeah...see that heart shaped thing there? That's my heart shaped loot pet! Now everyone can get it from quest! Yipee!

Everything looks much nicer isn't? Even the background music is good, giving you the mood and boost to actually play! Oh yeah...the bgm to the Ghost Ship...I'm not telling...Try playing in the Ghost Ship in the middle of the night.

Here's something for the break!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guild Choreography Event Winners!

Congratulations! After tons of head scratching and hair pulling and throwing paper cups and rubbish at each other and going after each others throat (with the new [GM]Executor slightly out of place since he is new after all, LOL!), we have finally decided on the winner for this event! Drum roll please~!

tA-DA!! Announcing, for White Dragon server, the winner guild is Betrayal Guild and for the Cerberus server, Akatsuki Guild !! Congratulations!

Check out the videos for their performance and to the winning guild, hope you enjoy the music we picked for you! Haha!

Betrayal Guild

Akatsuki Guild

Seriously and personally, I liked this two guild performance but [GM]Messiah keeps wanting Wild Seven performance and I managed to brainwash [GM]Executor to vote with me and I got what I wanted =p No offense to W7 guilds, your performance is good but I still liked Betrayal's one best HaHa!!

P/S: Video is too friggin' big to cover the side bars -.-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something New!

Before i forget about this major, interesting part, (why am i forgetting this?! *pulls hair*) here's some pictures to show... What sort of changes there is in the Rappelz Trainee Island !!

This is the first one, the Gaian birth place! The tree of life now looks much nicer right? Yes, Gaian comes from that HUMONGOUS Tree.

Ta-da! Deva's new birth place!! Simply serene~ There's something else that can't be captured in the picture since that image is so BIG, so I'll leave it to you guys to figure it out what's that.

But I love this one the best, the Asura birth place. Simply amazing. Looking around you, there's actually volcanic lava pool beneath you. Don't worry, you won't fall down there.

Not just those places are changed, the devs are nice enough to give OB Tristan a brand new home! Remember OB Tristan in Trainee Island? The one that gives you the Boss Piranha quest? Yep, that's him and this is his new home...

Yes! A tree house! I wished that is mine!! It's so big that you'd need to go on that...huge trunk... to talk to OB Tristan. But I guess the devs took poor Advanced Trainer Lancelot's house and gave it to OB Tristan because now Advanced Trainer Lancelot now has no home! But he has a new friend there.

See? That's Lancelot on the ring while the guy in red, that's his friend. Yes, the one on the right is the wolf mob while the one near a female char (that's actually me), is my pet wolf.

I'll continue on my conquest in the Korean Test Server and we will see what else is new there! How do you say LFDP or DPLF in korean? =.= Oh yeah, it's 던전파티 찾고있어요 ! (Dungeon Party Chat Go It Uh Yo) Haha!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It Begins Now!

Finally, the server has been closed down. It's gonna be a loooong ten days (13th May 2009, 3pm) till the server is back up with new things. Which means, we're going to be testing out all the new things now! w00tz! We've actually been playing around with our own server to catch bugs and fix it.

Although all of us has been testing out the new Navislamia in Korean Test Server, it felt much different when we're testing it out in our own side. Language know? Here's the first thing I love about the brand new Rappelz, the loading page.

Well, I got this one from the Korean Test Server and here's the translation on what it says :

At 00:06 time, it says, "Let me tell you something." At 00:09 time, "Hidden in a truth." At the part where it shows the high priest face (00:13 time) it says, "High Priest Emmanuel Raymond." Going to 00:22 time, it says, " The first imprecation of witch recorded in history." and the last part, 00:26 time, "Ghost ship, Navislamia".

Niceeeee, isn't? Since I've been testing out the Korean Test Server lately, I'm proud to show off my wolf pet !

Got it with the first try! Yay! Don't get jealous! Ok ok, we know that the Korean Test Server is tweaked with amazingly high drop rate. Also, they actually sell Windsong for 80k in this Creature Card NPC! ZOMG!! Wait...they are not only selling Windsong alone, but ... every pet cards with tamed pets inside!

This won't be in live server on though lol. Here's my Windsong~!