Friday, July 17, 2009

Time Attack @ WD Server !!

Sorry for being kinda slow in updating my blog lately. Been cooped up with pile of work and now, I am going to update the pictures I got from the Time Attack Event in White Dragon server on Wednesday 15th July 2009. The event got a very good response from everyone ( I hope >.< ) and most liked the ending part of the event which is a few boss spawning ( which includes Betrayal and showing two highest level boss, yes higher level compared to Betrayal, which is Ashmaw the Devourer and ... Sand Lord Kynish. I think that's the name...the one that looked like an Elephant? ) but of course, those big bosses are not real ones. I broke especially when I saw Control and IHealYourBooBoo cursing when they got hit by the bosses. Control going, " **** ! 1 hit 6k damage?!" and IHealYourBooBoo going, " WHY HIT MY BLUE PIXIE?!" yes, all words in caps by IHealYourBooBoo. I can't stop laughing there and when I shared the story with [GM]Messiah (in case you forgot, Messy went on a leave) and Messy broke immediately as well.

Anyway, here's the pictures of the event !! Event is actually a Time Attack between two team (which consists of two full party = 16 players all together) whereby they are required to fight against [GM]Executor team. So it's me vs [GM]Executor ^^ Fastest team to bring down the bosses and destroying the Dungeon Core, wins. Hey, my side won most of the time haha!

This is how I got my team to stand to take ss =p

The first team, killing 2 Crustalino and CV Dungeon Core.

Well, they got off quite easily and I never expect them to finish this fast. Therefore, instead of two boss, I gave 3 boss after that.

2nd team with 3 Crustalino this time and the CV Dungeon Core.

I liked what xiaobai said here, "dam cute boss" and I broke again XD

This team didn't manage to make it and lost to [GM]Executor team just by 3 seconds. But anyway, as a gift, they became the Witches and Wizard ^^

This is where in the end I spawned two Likirus first for everyone to play around with.

This one is from [GM]Executor where he got the Soulseeker boss ^^

I liked what MiNx3 and Joey said here and I can't stop laughing at this screenshot as well.

[GM]Executor and his ONLY winning team xD

The event ended pretty much early and it went pretty nicely (again, I hope) but overall, I hope you guys enjoyed the whole thing ! Till then, watch out for hints of more surprise events!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Surprise Event PvP in WS Server !

Previously, you get this event in White Dragon server and everyone calls out to each GM to spar with and I think everyone is happy with the prizes as I managed to make a Witches & Wizards Club in the White Dragon server. This time, we did it in the Windsong server and I would say I enjoyed most of it as I'm not in my headache form that day. Here's part of the screenies from the event that I took ^^

First with Tripitaka, he won in the duel

BloodClaw didn't manage to win against me xD

Same thing goes to Soulz

Another screenies of PvP-ing with Soulz

Rishidharan tried and didn't succeed as well...

My favorite part of the duel with Seth... Yak time! Don't you just Luuurrrrvveee Druids? xD

Here's one more I-just-can't-stop-going-WOW part... After my duel with Rishidharan, something happened and all of us can't stop gaping and laughing at some part, to explain it better, here's the screenshot of Rishidharan...

If you notice it, the swords are hanging in the air and at this point I can't help gaping and keep going 'WOW'. Don't worry, it's not a graphic bug or whatever. It's just a...temporary lag and after Rishidharan has unequipped his weapons and equipping it back, it went back to normal.

Rishidharan up close and Seth can't resist wanting to come into the picture when I took the screenshot

Here's the last part of the fun... Seth had a Blue Pixie and named it...Lilith... and here is what I did...

I just can't help laughing at this screenshot. I do love druid class

Friday, July 10, 2009

Surprise PvP Event at WD Server

Us GMs are debating what to do for yesterday and suddenly [GM]Messiah just came up with the usual PvP event and [GM]Executor decided to make it more interesting, prizes for those that won would be the decoration helmet that [GM]Executor and me are wearing.

So, with a heavy head and a heavy heart (I'm no longer outstanding with my hat...need to change to a new one =p ), I agreed to it. Honestly saying, I can't concentrate too much on this event as I was having a major headache (god knows why) and everyone kept owning my priest *sigh*

Lo and behold! Here's the screenies I took when those who participated won ^^

First one with Control

Second one with ClickToEdit

Third with Angelic

Fourth with smokerash

Fifth with SilvernAura

Sixth with khai

Seventh with EvilGod

Eighth with PRAWNY

Ninth with WarAngel

Tenth with Ariikut0jii

The 1st Witches & Wizard family picture!

The 2nd Witches & Wizards family picture!

Thanks a heap to those who participated and I'm so sorry for being unable to post [GM]Executor chopped head family picture! Enjoy~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MMORPG, Scientist Target?

A friend provided this article to me and the moment i read the comments about the article, I'm totally baffled by it. Seriously, as a player and a GM myself, I understand the feelings of other players toward this professor but then again, on the other hand, the professor does nothing wrong as well. What the heck, if you want to know what I meant, go ahead and read this yourself. I'm totally lost at words to comment about this.

Something to share around with other players around. Check it out :

But my only thoughts, what the heck, true enough as what the blogger wrote, Does the scientist really has nothing else to study on other than us? I am amazed. If you say a psychologist or something trying to study a gamer attitude or something, I'd understand that...but...this? I just went, "Wow..."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Soul Stone Exchange Event

I can't really say that this event is a success due to loads of messed up thing I did such as, exchanging wrong type of stone (although the level is correct) to others and cancelling and causing it to delay more longer. But nevertheless, I did enjoy the part when especially in White Dragon, two fellas actually turn into a shop to act like a traffic police for me when I was mobbed by everyone. Title of their shop? "Queue Please" and "Keep Quiet" . I didn't notice it as I was busy trading everyone until the queue shortened.

Although I did say that in the beginning everyone can spam me for trade (that's cuz it is what happened in Windsong server and everything went quite well there! ), I didn't expect a MASSIVE SPAM until I can't even click on the accept button. Got kinda mad when Draco actually mass spammed again when I said to stop and I will trade everyone there and hell yeah, Draco did a good job in getting my attention too. LoL but i am still not happy for the spams *sulky face*

It got quite messed up in the middle until even Messiah are shouting in the world chat to tell everyone to stop spamming him. I laughed out hard. Executor are being kinda aggressive in a way to make everyone listen to him. Oh well, it's not easy when you are being mobbed and nobody are listening until some forceful ones open their mouth ^^ Thanks to them!

As usual, some actually didn't read in the website or forum about this event and I was kinda dissapointed in that attitude! I've to keep repeating myself for a few times before I eventually gave up and just point them over to the website. Why so lazy? =p

But hey, fun part of my side, fuZZy created a hell of a chaos when everyone was mobbing me and everyone just split off... for a few seconds only though. Raspberyl gave me the most seizure-riffic part as I've said and admit before... I PHAIL IN CALCULATIONS!!

She did a good job in giving the soul stones one by one and in the end 3 stack of tens... Hers is the longest list I've taken picture of and look at my inventory! It's not a wonder that I took so long to trade with you guy as I'm practically searching carefully for the right stones in my inventory! My eyes got so small after the event... Looking for more pictures? Check it out here!

Contributed by Control from White Dragon Server.