Friday, July 10, 2009

Surprise PvP Event at WD Server

Us GMs are debating what to do for yesterday and suddenly [GM]Messiah just came up with the usual PvP event and [GM]Executor decided to make it more interesting, prizes for those that won would be the decoration helmet that [GM]Executor and me are wearing.

So, with a heavy head and a heavy heart (I'm no longer outstanding with my hat...need to change to a new one =p ), I agreed to it. Honestly saying, I can't concentrate too much on this event as I was having a major headache (god knows why) and everyone kept owning my priest *sigh*

Lo and behold! Here's the screenies I took when those who participated won ^^

First one with Control

Second one with ClickToEdit

Third with Angelic

Fourth with smokerash

Fifth with SilvernAura

Sixth with khai

Seventh with EvilGod

Eighth with PRAWNY

Ninth with WarAngel

Tenth with Ariikut0jii

The 1st Witches & Wizard family picture!

The 2nd Witches & Wizards family picture!

Thanks a heap to those who participated and I'm so sorry for being unable to post [GM]Executor chopped head family picture! Enjoy~

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