Monday, July 13, 2009

Surprise Event PvP in WS Server !

Previously, you get this event in White Dragon server and everyone calls out to each GM to spar with and I think everyone is happy with the prizes as I managed to make a Witches & Wizards Club in the White Dragon server. This time, we did it in the Windsong server and I would say I enjoyed most of it as I'm not in my headache form that day. Here's part of the screenies from the event that I took ^^

First with Tripitaka, he won in the duel

BloodClaw didn't manage to win against me xD

Same thing goes to Soulz

Another screenies of PvP-ing with Soulz

Rishidharan tried and didn't succeed as well...

My favorite part of the duel with Seth... Yak time! Don't you just Luuurrrrvveee Druids? xD

Here's one more I-just-can't-stop-going-WOW part... After my duel with Rishidharan, something happened and all of us can't stop gaping and laughing at some part, to explain it better, here's the screenshot of Rishidharan...

If you notice it, the swords are hanging in the air and at this point I can't help gaping and keep going 'WOW'. Don't worry, it's not a graphic bug or whatever. It's just a...temporary lag and after Rishidharan has unequipped his weapons and equipping it back, it went back to normal.

Rishidharan up close and Seth can't resist wanting to come into the picture when I took the screenshot

Here's the last part of the fun... Seth had a Blue Pixie and named it...Lilith... and here is what I did...

I just can't help laughing at this screenshot. I do love druid class

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